Other Practice Areas

When we began our practice in 1996, we only represented individuals in Workers’ Compensation, SSDB, and Personal Injury claims. However, over the years we found that some of our clients had other legal issues as well. In an effort to “answer their call”, over time we have expanded our practice areas.

Vehicle & Traffic Matters

Simply fax us (518-783-2607) the ticket you received, a copy of your license and your driving abstract (which you can obtain from your local DMV Office)… and “we will take it from there”. In nearly all V&T matters our clients do not have to spend their precious time in Court with us while we work to resolve the tickets issued. In such instances, we will meet with our client after appearing in court to discuss resolution options.

Miscellaneous Criminal & DWI Matters

Past expeience has shown that its critical to meet with the prospective client in person as soon as possible. If retained we will take a proactive approach to resolve all pending charges. Call (518) 783-2600 to schedule your Free Consultation today!

Matrimonial & Family Law

Our experience has shown that there is a great deal in common amongst WC/SSBD clients and those contemplating, or in the midst of a Matrimonial/Family Court action… “good people at a very difficult time in their life”. In all such legal matters the system can seem overwhelming at a time when the stakes and emotions are very high. During our initial free legal consultation we meet with prospective clients to review facts, legal options and strategy while at the same time temper client “fears” of the system and the “by products” of these difficult legal matters. This reasoned approach, coupled with ongoing attorney-client communications and discussions make for an easier transition and “existence” while we go through the legal process together. In an effort to ensure these very sensitive matters receive the attention they deserve, we are selective in the cases we choose and keep our matrimonial and family law caseload to a “very manageable” number.

Residential Real Estate Closings

We have a dedicated staff member who will personally walk you through the “closing process” from start to finish. From “contract to closing” you will have both the Closing Coordinator and a staff attorney available to you.